TWM Legal P.C. offers certain services at a flat fee discounted rate. Whether you're looking to buy or sell a home without a realtor, need help starting a new business, or want to protect your trade name and other intellectual property rights, we have the right flat rate package for you!

Real Estate

for sale by owner PACKAGE

Selling a home can be a costly endeavor. Between escrow expenses, title insurance policies, and realtor commissions, sellers often lose an average of 6-8% of their home's value just to complete the sale. In order to cut down on those costs, sellers often try locating their own buyer in an effort to avoid commission expenses. If you are selling your home, have found a buyer, and would like cut out some of the broker fees, we are here to help with comprehensive representation at a low, flat rate. Our FSBO Service Package includes the following:

  • Consultation Throughout the Entire Escrow Process
  • Preparation of a Purchase and Sale Contract
  • Custom-Drafted Addenda and Advisories Tailored to Issues Unique to Your Transaction (as needed)
  • Preparation of All Disclosures and Advisories Required under Contract and by Applicable Laws
  • Review and Advisement on the Preliminary Title Report
  • Advisement on FIRPTA and CA Tax Withholding Requirements and Exemptions
  • Review and Advisement of Closing Packet, including Joint Escrow Instructions
  • Interface with Escrow and All Other Parties 

**  NOTE -  Some transactions may result in the need for special legal advice and services, including transactions involving seller carryback financing and/or clouds on title. Such services are additional and must be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

TOTAL COST: only $4,995!

Business / Employment


TWM Legal offers comprehensive and affordable entity formation packages that are drafted specifically for you and customized for your new business. Each Entity Formation Package, whether it is a Corporation, LLC, or Partnership, includes all of the following:

  • Articles of Incorporation / Articles of Formation
  • Corporate Bylaws** / Operating Agreement
  • Federal IRS Registration and EIN Assignment
  • Federal and State Tax Status Election (as required)
  • Pre-Formatted Meeting Minutes for First Meeting of Directors (as required)
  • State Department Filing
  • Custom Operating Manual & Information Pamphlet (great reference for new business owners)
  • Registration of Fictitious Business Name (as required)

**  NOTE -  Customized Shareholder Agreements may be required beyond Corporate Bylaws to accomplish intended goals. Such services are additional and must be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

TOTAL COST: only $3,995!


Protecting the image and goodwill is paramount in the long-term success of your business. TWM Legal offers an Image Protection Package which includes each of the following services:

  • Advice on Proposed Entity Name and Slogan
  • Preliminary Trademark and Service Mark Search and Evaluation at both State and Federal Level
  • Drafting of Custom Class ID (as needed)
  • Complete Application for Trademark and/or Service Mark with USPTO (includes one Class ID - additional classes $450 each)
  • Continued support through TM prosecution available at an additional rate.

TOTAL COST: only $1,495!


One of the biggest mistakes a new business owner can make is failing to implement comprehensive written employment contracts with each new employee. Additionally, failing to establish a clear code of acceptable employee conduct may result in employment actions liabilities. With the Employer Starter Package, each of the following is included:

  • Two (2) Custom Drafted Employee and/or Sub-Contractor Employment Contracts Tailored for Your Business and Industry
  • Comprehensive Employee Manual Drafted Around Your Business Structure and Operation
  • Additional Employer-Employee Agreements Available at an Additional Cost

TOTAL COST: only $1,595!


There have been more businesses crippled by harsh CalOSHA violations today than there has been in the history of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH). Why? One of the main reasons is a lack of knowledge and awareness of the safety regulations applicable to the industry of a business. Each of the following is included with the CalOSHA Defense Package:

  • Individual consultation outlining the law and explaining the particular regulations applicable to your industry.
  • Injury Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) tailored around your business
  • Heat Injury Prevention Plan (HIPP)
  • CalOSHA required posters, warnings, and disclosure for the business break-room or common area
  • Employer Reference Manual

TOTAL COST: only $1,495!

Estate Planning

SimplE Tax-Avoidance Will & Trust Plan

Dying these days can be expensive, and the distribution of assets long and drawn-out. One of the simplest and most cost-effective things a person can to do to avoid this is to establish a simple, tax-avoidance estate plan. At TWM Legal, we offer a simple, tax-avoidance estate plan for our clients that is tailored to each individual or couple, at a reasonable cost. Such plan is invaluable to our clients and their loved ones, and includes:

  • Formation of a Revocable Living Trust Tailored to the Client
  • Declaration of Trust and Certificate of Trust
  • Pourover Will
  • Durable or Non-Durable Power of Attorney
  • Final Disposition Instructions
  • Healthcare Directive and HIPPA Waiver
  • Grant Deeds and Preliminary Change of Ownership Forms for up to Two Properties

**  NOTE -  Total assets must be less than $5.35M per individual, or $10.7M per married couple. Transfer instruments for more than two real properties are extra.

TOTAL COST: only $2,995!