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TWM Legal attorneys have experience representing clients across a broad spectrum of business matters. TWM Legal assists all sizes of business entities, including sole proprietorships, family-owned & operated businesses, mid-sized enterprises, and corporations. From litigating contract disputes, drafting license agreements, to protecting trade secrets, TWM Legal has the technical skill and legal experience to advocate your business interests in any situation. If you require legal assistance from an experienced business attorney, call TWM Legal today!

Formation & OPERATION


Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of California's economy; and their success is crucial to that of California. Without the dedication and efforts of the countless entrepreneurs in this state, California would not have the third largest economy in the world today. Unfortunately, starting a business can be overwhelming and burdensome, especially when one lacks the experience and legal knowledge necessary to properly structure the business entity in compliance with state and federal laws. TWM Legal has represented clients in the formation of all sorts of business entities. Whether you are looking to form a corporation (including S-Corp), Limited Liability Company (LLC), or a General or Limited Partnership, TWM Legal is here to help!

Not sure what business entity is right for you? Fill out our contact form for a free consultation with an attorney that may explain to you the benefits and drawbacks of each type.



When company information must be disclosed during the normal course of business, whether it is to new or fleeing employees or to competitors, having in place a strong Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreement can be the most crucial measure taken to protect your company's livelihood. TWM Legal has the knowledge and skill necessary to effectively protect you and your business from improper use of confidential information you disclose. With a comprehensive understanding of intellectual property rights, TWM Legal has successfully protected several businesses from wrongful use of disclosed information through specially-prepared NDAs drafted to the broadest extent possible under the circumstances. If you are in need of an effective Confidentiality Agreement to protect your company's rights prior to making any risky disclosures to competing individuals or business entities, contact TWM Legal today for a free consultation.

Merger & Acquistion


Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are an aspect of corporate strategy dealing with the buying, selling, and combining of different companies to help an enterprise grow rapidly in its sector or geographical location. With the successes of today's many high tech start-ups, M&As have become increasingly more common. If you own or operate a small or medium-sized business that has already initiated, or will soon, M&A discussions with a competitor, turn to TWM Legal for guidance.

It can be daunting having to disclose, in detail, confidential business information to a competitor without having the proper protections set in place in the event the acquisition falls through. With his technical knowledge and experience with M&A discussions and confidential disclosures, TWM Legal can protect you and your company's rights during such potentially crippling negotiations. Call TWM Legal today or contact us online!


Employment Agreements


When employment disputes arise, a well-drafted employment contract can mean the difference between a costly and time-consuming legal nightmare or a quick and painless departure from the employment relationship. Whether the person is to be an independent contractor or a staff employee, ensuring that each term, expectation and duty is clearly identified and outlined for each worker is crucial prior to initiating the employment relationship. If you own a business and require assistance drafting, interpreting, or enforcing your employment contract, call TWM Legal today or contact us online for a free consultation.

BUSINESS Litigation


Technology-based growth has erupted since the early 2000s. From hundreds of companies ranging from small high tech startups to corporate hardware and software giants, the high tech industry has become the economic backbone to flourishing communities like that of the Silicon Valley. Today, Sacramento is attracting the same start-up tech industry with all the State's Capitol has to offer.

The explosive growth in the high tech industry has, unfortunately, brought with it new hurtles. Protecting one's ideas, trade secrets, and other intellectual property has become a serious legal issue in today's competitive technology markets. Use of Non-Disclosure AgreementsLicensing Agreements, Patents, Copyrights, and other legal defense tactics are often insufficient today to avoid litigation altogether.

If you own or operate a technology company and are involved in a dispute or litigation, turn to TWM Legal for help. With an Attorney-Engineer on staff with design and manufacturing experience in the high tech and telecommunications industries, TWM Legal has the scientific knowledge, technical expertise, and experience necessary to efficiently and effectively argue your rights in court. If you are in need of a knowledgeable and experienced litigator to fight for your intellectual property rights, call TWM Legal today or contact us online!

lICENSING Agreements


A license allows a holder of intellectual property rights to be compensated through charging a licensee for use of their creative works. Additionally, a license may limit the use of such works. If you have intellectual property rights that are currently underutilized and would like to be compensated for it, call TWM Legal today for a free consultation!